Air valves

Automatic air valves are a mandatory part of the pipeline in order to prevent any interruptions in the water supply due to the occurrence of vacuum or air in the pipeline.

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Air valves
Air valves

Product description

The protective function of air valves is in generally demonstrated by:

  • Major quantity of air is released through the air valve when filling the pipeline;
  • Influx of air through the air valve preventing the occurrence of the vacuum effect when discharging the pipeline system;
  • Releasing smaller quantities of air (bubbles) accumulating at the highest points of the pipeline during normal operation of the system.

The range includes three versions:   

  • Single automatic outlet air valve for the release of bubbles in sizes between 3/4 '' and DN 65, pressure level of up to PN 25.
  • Single automatic air valve for the release and suction of larger air masses in sizes between 1'' and DN 100, pressure level of up to PN 25.
  • Double combined automatic air valves, combining the functions of the two aerators above in sizes between DN 50 do DN 200, pressure level of up to PN 25.

They are made from ductile alloy with two-side epoxy protection with a thickness of at least 250 microns, stainless steel and high quality plastics (policy).
The operation of the air valve is shown on the images below (discharge and filling).


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