Water treatment

Projektiranje, prodaja, izvedba in vzdrževanje vodovodnih, kanalizacijskih in merilno – regulacijskih sistemov s 24-urno tehnično podporo.

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Water treatment

Domestic water softeners

Industrial softening systems


Dosing systems and disinfection

UV desinfection

All living things need water for their existence. Unfortunately, clean water is a rarity these days. Since our company's basic orientation is towards preserving the environment and supporting eco-friendly use of energy sources, we offer:

-Water filtration (mechanical, sand, activated carbon, self-cleaning filters, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis), and, based on the results of the water analysis, we suggest a suitable solution.

- Water disinfection (with ozone, with chlorine or chlorine dioxide, hypochlorite, and UV-light); water may contain various types of bacteria and microorganisms. With our dosing systems and devices, you can disinfect the system locally or the entire pipeline.

- Water softening; hard water poses a big problem which is necessarily connected to unwanted costs – this is true for households as well as for the industry. We offer water softening solutions for all types of applications.

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