Socket-type adapter pieces

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Socket-type adapter pieces
Socket-type adapter pieces

Product description

Adapter pieces (couplings & adapters) are elements in water-supply systems used for:

  • Connecting valves and armatures to pipes
  • Connecting two pipes together
  • Repairing damaged pipes in order to reduce losses
  • Facilitating the installation and dismantling of cut-off or metering elements

All PAM connecting/adapter pieces have a 250 μm epoxy coating.

Pipelines are usually made from different pipe materials: cast iron, steel, PEHD, ductile iron, PVC, and asbestos.
There are several solutions available (depending on the material and dimensions). 


  • Wide-range tolerance coupling for various pipe materials (cast iron, ductile iron, and steel pipes and PVC tubes)
  • For outer diameters from DN50 / d49 to DN300 / d348 w/o discontinuity
  • Pressures up to max. 16 bar
  • large angle flexure ± 6° per joint (12° per coupling or between two pipes)


  • Dedicated coupling for ductile iron pipes
  • DN40 - DN100 up to 40 bar
    DN125 - DN300 up to 25 bar
    DN350 - DN600 up to 16 bar
  • for large sizes DN 350 – DN 1000 up to 16 bar
  • Anchor-type coupling for PE tubes
  • 16 bar; from DN50 / d63 to DN250 / d280
    10 bar; from DN300 / d315
  • Dedicated anchor-type coupling for ductile iron pipes
  • DN 60 - DN 250 up to 16 bar
    DN 300 up to 10 bar
  • For smaller dimensions: fastening with screws only on one side for easy installation in small or tight spaces (chambers or underground installation)
  • Enables mounting onto two pipes or pipe connection at the valve
  • Anchor-type coupling for PVC or PE tubes
    DN50 / d63 - DN250 / d280 up to 16 bar. 
  • In combination with PE-80 and PE-100 tubes, 10 or 16 bar
  • Reinforcing rings for PE tubes are recommended.

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