Chlorine dioxide devices

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Chlorine dioxide devices
Chlorine dioxide devices

Product description

Technical data for Oxiperm Pro OCD-162

Capacity:                           60 g/h
Conc. of chemicals:
HCl: 9 % po teži
NaClO2: 7,5 % w/w


  • Preparation of water in hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, sport facilities and shower facilities
  • Legionella extermination and prevention
  • Treatment of industrial process water, washing water and water used in cooling circuits
  • Treatment of brewery water
  • Disinfection in bottle washing systems, rinsers, CIP-systems
  • Disinfection in dairy plants (evaporative condenser, pasteurization)

Features and benefits

  • Compact system for installation in confined or spatially limited areas
  • Ergonomic design – Operation and maintenance are carried out from the front
  • On-site preparation of chlorine dioxide for disinfection
  • Optionally with chlorine dioxide control
  • Problem-free assembling and commissioning The system can be connected and made ready for operation without interrupting the water supply in the building.
  • Perfect chemical reaction in the shortest amount of time
  • Low operation costs and low consumption of chemicals
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