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  • Enhanced cooling by automatic filtration


    Together with Termoelektrarna Toplarna Ljubljana (the Ljubljana Combined Heat and Power Plant - CHPP) we have developed a two-stage automatic filtration which considerably simplified turbine and generator cooling in this Ljubljana power facility.
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  • PORTONOVI – Luxury Tourist Destination


    In Montenegro, at the entrance to Boka Bay, a modern tourist Resort Portonovi is being developed. The resort, which will host the first visitors already this summer, will include a modern harbour and 275 accompanying facilities on completion.
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  • KASI cast iron covers at the Ljubljana Zoo


    Ljubljana Zoo, receiving around 260,000 visitors per year, has been developing into a modern zoo since 1988. It is becoming a centre for the protection of nature and natural environment, and has undergone several renovations since then.
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  • Replacement of the water supply network at Rožnik hill


    The old Rožnik hill water reservoir is the first water storage facility build on the Ljubljana central drinking water supply system that was integrated into the system already back in 1890. As the external entry section is under state protection as cultural heritage, the reconstruction of the system has been adjusted accordingly.
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  • Drinking water treatment plant Podslivnica


    Due to threats to the water source at the Podslivnica intake, CMC Group prepared a solution for reconstruction of the existing water supply system, purification and disinfection of surface water from the intake.
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  • Trubarjeva street and adjoining streets


    In Ljubljana city centre, the renovation of Trubarjeva with adjoining streets has become a reality. The project comprises the reconstruction of the road surface and municipal infrastructure. CMC Group d.o.o. was selected as a contractor to connect households to the water main.
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  • Project — Central waste water treatment plant at the river Vrtojbica


    In March 2016, the project of carrying out mechanical and electrical installations in the central waste water treatment plant (WWTP) Nova Gorica with the capacity of 50.500 PE has concluded.
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  • Slovenska Street in Ljubljana


    In November 2014, as subcontractor to the company HNG d.o.o. and within the frame of the project of rebuilding the street “Slovenska cesta” in Ljubljana, we began with the reconstruction of the public water supply network between the streets “Šubičeva ulica” and “Gosposvetska cesta”.
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  • Project Drinkadria


    Supply and installation of flow-, pressure- or level meters, telemetry equipment and GPRS data transmission from individual meters to the SCADA system, including its upgrade within the frame of the Drinkadria project.
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  • Hydrant network in the Ločica tunnel


    In November 2014, CMC Ekocon d.o.o. – as lead partner in a joint venture project with the company CVP inženiring d.o.o. – began building a hydrant network, pumping stations and LED direction indicators in the twin-tube road tunnel of Ločica (approx. 750m each tube) on the motorway section Vransko – Blagovica.
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  • Irrigation system Kalce – Naklo


    In the spring of 2013, we accomplished the extension of the irrigation system Kalce – Naklo. We performed mechanical and electrical works on approx. 12 km of new PEHD pipelines (d450-d90), and upgraded the electrical/mechanical equipment of the existing pumping/filtering facility to adequate capacity.
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  • Renovation of the swimming pool facility Tivoli


    Together with our partner company – DARRTECH d.o.o. – we concluded phase 1 of the project for renovation of the swimming pool facility – the school indoor swimming pool in Tivoli. The works included complete renovation / replacement of: the pressure-, overflow- and drainage installation, balance tanks and the washing pool, filter replacement and replacement of the complete control system, analysis and preparation of pool water.
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  • Renovation of the hydrant network of Karavanke tunnel


    At the beginning of August 2011, CMC Ekocon d.o.o. — as the lead partner, together with the company Komunalne gradnje Grosuplje d.o.o. — began with the renovation of the hydrant network outside and inside the Karavanke tunnel.
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  • Hrastnik Glassworks


    We supplied the materials and performed mechanical installation of the Victaulic system for cooling and process water in Hrastnik Glassworks.
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  • Protection of the Mrzlek water source


    In 2009, we cooperated on the project "Protection of the Mrzlek water source and drinking water supply for the residents of Trnovsko - Banjška planota, Goriška Brda and Vipava valley"...
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  • Litostroj Ulitki d.o.o.


    Implementation of the cooling system for the new ovens for heat-treatment of cast alloys using the Victaulic joining technology for pipes and fittings.
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  • Central wastewater treatment plant Ljubljana


    We supplied and installed the entire electronic, mechanical and electrical equipment for the company JP Vodovod - Kanalizacija d.o.o.
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