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  • Irrigation system Kalce – Naklo


    In the spring of 2013, we accomplished the extension of the irrigation system Kalce – Naklo. We performed mechanical and electrical works on approx. 12 km of new PEHD pipelines (d450-d90), and upgraded the electrical/mechanical equipment of the existing pumping/filtering facility to adequate capacity.
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  • Renovation of the swimming pool facility Tivoli


    Together with our partner company – DARRTECH d.o.o. – we concluded phase 1 of the project for renovation of the swimming pool facility – the school indoor swimming pool in Tivoli. The works included complete renovation / replacement of: the pressure-, overflow- and drainage installation, balance tanks and the washing pool, filter replacement and replacement of the complete control system, analysis and preparation of pool water.
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  • Renovation of the hydrant network of Karavanke tunnel


    At the beginning of August 2011, CMC Ekocon d.o.o. — as the lead partner, together with the company Komunalne gradnje Grosuplje d.o.o. — began with the renovation of the hydrant network outside and inside the Karavanke tunnel.
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  • Hrastnik Glassworks


    We supplied the materials and performed mechanical installation of the Victaulic system for cooling and process water in Hrastnik Glassworks.
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  • Protection of the Mrzlek water source


    In 2009, we cooperated on the project "Protection of the Mrzlek water source and drinking water supply for the residents of Trnovsko - Banjška planota, Goriška Brda and Vipava valley"...
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  • Litostroj Ulitki d.o.o.


    Implementation of the cooling system for the new ovens for heat-treatment of cast alloys using the Victaulic joining technology for pipes and fittings.
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  • Central wastewater treatment plant Ljubljana


    We supplied and installed the entire electronic, mechanical and electrical equipment for the company JP Vodovod - Kanalizacija d.o.o.
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