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Protection of the Mrzlek water source

Protection of the Mrzlek water source


In 2009, we cooperated on the project "Protection of the Mrzlek water source and drinking water supply for the residents of Trnovsko - Banjška planota, Goriška Brda and Vipava valley"...

The project connected the municipalities of Nova Gorica, Brda and Ajdovščina, and was co-financed with grants from the EU-Cohesion fond. The total worth of the group of projects mentioned was estimated at 37.3 million Euros. The total of financial resources made available by the Cohesion fund was 13.6 M €, the rest in the amount of 23.7 M € was covered from state and municipal budgets. The project was concluded in the middle of 2012, the drinking water treatment plant Hubelj was built, the waterworks Mrzlek was renovated, approx. 75km of water pipelines and 11,5km of the sewage system were reconstructed or built.

Our company was entrusted with the technology upgrade of the pumping station and the waterworks Mrzlek. We have replaced the existing pumps with submersible pumps with the rated power of 136 kW. The new pipelines are joined using the Victaulic pipe couplings – no welding. Victaulic pipe couplings enable faster installation and easier maintenance. Using the "Depend-O-Lok" system, this was the first Victaulic project of this kind in Europe.

The technology upgrade of waterworks also required the renovation of the electronic control system, the upgrade of sand filter monitoring via the controllers and the control system. Within the project frame, we and our partners have installed new electrical cabinets and the SCADA application for the new and the old waterworks MRZLEK.

Pertaining to sand filters, we have replaced the pneumatic valve drives with electric AUMA actuators. The new actuators are less sensitive to humidity, and their operation is more reliable. At the waterworks, we have installed an ozone-activated oxidation system for disinfection of drinking water. The new ozonisers are of a container-type. Ozonised water was channelled into two disinfection pools via a PVC tube. Six ABB magneto-inductive flow meters (DN 250 to DN 350) were supplied and installed for water flow and consumption monitoring.



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