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KASI cast iron covers at the Ljubljana Zoo

KASI cast iron covers at the Ljubljana Zoo


Ljubljana Zoo was established in 1949. The first cages were placed at the centre of Ljubljana, and in 1951 the zoo was moved to it present location on the south-western part of Rožnik Hill. At that time, wild animals were kept for display in menageries in cages, whereas today, zoos provide habitats with conditions very close to genuine natural environments. A great emphasis is laid on ecology and interdependence between living and non-living nature and the demonstration of relationships between species.

Over recent decades, Ljubljana Zoo has undergone several renovations and refurbishments. Accomodations for several animals were improved, walkways and fences built, new info boards set up and children’s playgrounds renovated. The refurbishment also included work, which remain hidden to the eyes of ordinary visitors, such as renovation of the sewage and water infrastructure, installations, etc.

Cast iron covers EUROPA DN600 D400 according to EN 124-2 supplied by KASI have been installed in Ljubljana Zoo. The stability and low-noise of the covers are provided by the new KASI-PUR damping gaskets, exhibiting a better resistance to wear compared to the traditional PE or EPDM gaskets. Noise reduction gaskets wear out much later and prevent noise and vibrations. Embossed cover design protects people walking over them against slipping. A new hinge design allows opening of the cover up to an angle of 130°, and blocks it during closing at an angle of 90° to protect the user against inadvertent closure. A special hinge prevents unauthorised persons removing the cover. 



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