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Trubarjeva street and adjoining streets

Trubarjeva street and adjoining streets


Trubarjeva street is located in the Ljubljana city centre, in an area rich with cultural heritage, such as e.g. Šempetrsko predmestje (St. Peter Vorstadt), an important cultural and historical monument.

The renovation of Trubarjeva street with adjoining streets will take place in 2 phases: the project will begin at the section of Trubarjeva street between Prešeren Square and Resljeva Street, and the second phase in the section of Trubarjeva street and Rozmanova street.

Before the reconstruction of the road surface, a reconstruction of old water main sections and household water connections will be necessary. The central public water supply system of Ljubljana is located in the whole area being covered. The water main has already been build or reconstructed in phases and in different time periods, and a section of the system originating from 1940 is still in use. Due to obsolete water pipework and malfunctioning on individual sections and connections, a thorough reconstruction will be necessary. The existing main consists of PVC pipes DN 225 mm and will be completely replaced.

The renovation work that commenced at the beginning of this year will comprise machine installation work on the water main (delivery of materials and installation). We will install a pipework consisting of pipes made of nodular alloy with a nominal diameter DN200 to DN80 in total length of 877 metres and 62 household connections. Due to a large number of household connections and, consequently, a high water consumption, the main function of the Trubarjeva water main is to supply water to users, and only to a lesser extent as a primary feeder. Through the newly installed hydrants, improved fire safety will be ensured. 

Two drinking water fountains will be provided as part of a renovation project, which will also be supplied and installed by us. Drinking water from drinking fountains will provide refreshment for the residents of Ljubljana and visitors in the summer season, free of charge.

The work will be underway until May 2020 when the reconstruction of Trubarjeva street and adjoining street is completed.



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