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Expert webinar

Expert webinar


Believing in the power of collaboration and integration, CMC GROUP employees are happy to share their knowledge.

At the 3-hour webinar titled Control and Regulation Devices, Loss Reduction and Measurements as Additional Control and Regulation Parameters in Water Supply Systems, we presented the following topics in detail to project designers, contractors and operators of water supply systems:

  • losses in water supply systems and possible solutions;
  • regulation and control solutions in water supply systems;
  • suitable fittings for regulation and control with and without additional energy supply;
  • regulation control, data acquisition and transmission;
  • the supply of electrical consumers in manholes from water generated energy;
  • metering and control shafts and metering equipment.

The speakers Jurij Makše (consultant for piping and control systems) and Klemen Jurca (consultant for measurement systems) supported the presentation with practical examples and examples from other EU Member States.

The webinar provided answers to a number of questions regarding the selection of optimal materials for potable and/or process water regulation and metering, solutions to reduce losses and avoid major errors. We therefore believe that we have solved many of the dilemmas that our partners face in practice.



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